Review: Felix de Luca – Felix De Luca

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Review: Felix de Luca – Felix De Luca

Felix de Luca – As someone who has always enjoyed rap music from around the world. I have to be honest I have never heard much Scandinavian rap so to begin my exploration with one of the bigger names is a great way to start  

Prelude –  This track has a real chilled laid back west coast hip hop vibe.

No.1 – The beat is bumping and the rhymes are tight, Felix de Luca just rides the wave of this track. Only when you have a proper listen will you appreciate it fully to get your head bumping!

Buzzin – This song is all about chilling in the studio a chilled song done right. The atmosphere from this is exactly what he is trying to convey. This just personifies relaxing

Smoke Break ft Temu – I love the soulful beat on this. Temu’s vocals are on point. This is track is more introspective and lends itself perfectly to this EP as it allows us to find out more about him.

First of the Month/Find Myself feat Louis Rustum – Both quality tracks in which he shows the best of both worlds of his rapping – the cocky side in which he justifies his demeanour with his bars and the introspective side in which you learn about Felix de Luca, the man.

This mixtape is a showcase of proof that hip hop is a global culture, fans of real hip hop need to check this out!!


Stream and buy the project here! http://mxiii.lnk.to/FelixDeLucaEP