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TOMORROW KINGS – One of the cool things about social media is how it opens up new ideas and talent to people across the globe. Recently on Twitter I came across the music of a hip hop collective from Chicago. Tentatively hitting the play button on their Bandcamp website to something titled ‘Nigger Rigged Time Machine’, I was unsure what to expect. From the outset, what I heard packed a powerful punch of dark production paired with emotive poetic lyricism, the likes of which are rarely found in the murky waters of bandcamp.

After coming together six years ago through the rap and poetry circuit, the crew was formed, consisting of SKECH185, Malakh El, Gilead7, Wizard Jenkins, The Great, Lamon Manuel and lastly Jyroscope- which consists of Collasoul Structure and I.B. Fokuz, all of whom also work on solo projects, each bringing their own unique style to their tracks.

At the risk of sounding too gushy, I cannot say enough good things about this collective. Every now and then I stumble across something that restores my faith in hip hop and reminds me that raw talent and engaging content is not a thing of the past. Reminiscent of MF Doom and Cannibal Ox, the Tomorrow Kings have managed to give a subtle nod to the pioneers of the past while creating a new sound that is completely their own.

Their lyrics are hard hitting and insightful without being corny or preachy. The passion they have for their music and how much fun they have creating it is apparent. There is not one filler track in sight on their latest album, which offers some powerful and sometimes satirical views on hip hop, like the track ‘Another Wu Tang Comparison’. Other notable gems on the album include the dreamy ‘Drop Kicks From Saturn’ and the title track which also has a dope remix by Dogs4gw.

Tomorrow Kings shine like a beacon of hope in a sea of mediocre music. If you only download one album this week please make it a TK one.

All hail Tomorrow Kings!

Stream ‘Nigger Rigged Time Machine’ below:



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