Exclusive interview with Bristol artist Jinz “The message is illustrating my own mistakes in life”

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Exclusive interview with Bristol artist Jinz “The message is illustrating my own mistakes in life”

Jinz is a UK rapper, whose roots hail back to the Bristol drum and bass scene, but is currently signed to Australian hip hop label Fight Music! Records. We spoke to him about the Oz hip hop scene, his influences and more!

For people new to your name, give us a little background about your musical history – how long have you been rapping and how did you first get into music?

I started rapping when I was around 16 over drum n bass beats in Bristol, moved on to grime a year or so later then slowly moved in to Hip Hop from there. As for recording and taking things seriously it’s only been roughly two years but I only got my first project out late 2013.

Your new EP ‘Lost and Deported’ is being released via Australian label, how did that come about, are you based out there?

The saga with the label began through my manager showing my mixtape to them, they took an interest in the sound and saw potential in me. We then agreed to work on a project together due out in May, but due to complications we had to push it back to July 2nd, which ended up benefiting the project in a few ways, giving more time to fine tune things to a higher standard.

I suppose in a sense I am based out there, most of my fan base is in Australia. I’m now living in London networking here, now that I have a solid project I respect, we are currently building the foundations for me here in the U.K., because what’s a U.K. artist without a U.K. fan base?

What’s your thoughts on the Australian hip hop scene?

I think the Oz Hip Hop scene has a way to go yet, it doesn’t seem to have flourished the same way as other countries, though there are some very talented artists out there for example; SMACKTOWN, Mantra and Horrorshow just to name a few.

The artists don’t have the facilities to get enough shows and market exposer in my opinion. The scene there treated me really well so overall I can’t complain.

What is the prevailing message in your music?

The message as of late is just illustrating my own mistakes in life, and what I have learnt from them. The mixtape was very comical (with an element of) shock value, so I wanted to do something with a bit more substance to it. My message is pretty loosely tied at the moment, I’m always trying to improve in all factors of music, to then give the final message.


What would you say are your main musical inspirations?

As for main musical inspirations there are loads, I cant say I am influenced by one or two specific artists, that would be unfair – the whole genre of Hip Hop and music influences me, drugs, alcohol, girls, mates, books, films. It’s a very vague answer in respect to naming artists for people to compare me to or see traits of my work in theirs but to name one is to leave out everything else…

His new EP Lost & Deported EP is out July 2nd and you can download his mixtape ‘Memoirs Of A Homunculus’ for free. 

You can find out more about Jinz by liking his Facebook page here and follow him on Twitter here

Check out his record label online also – http://www.fightmusic.co/