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Event: Tumble Audio @ PLAN B, BRIXTON 19 Sept [+ Killjoy + Hank Limit audio]

Event: Tumble Audio @ PLAN B, BRIXTON 19 Sept [+ Killjoy + Hank Limit audio]

Nottingham based label Tumble Audio have been making big moves recently, with resident Killjoy gaining constant plays on Rinse FM and their boasting of event line ups including Big Narstie, DJ Q, Logan Sama and current masters of grime Kahn & Neek.

Their next event takes place in Plan B, Brixton, on the 19th of September, with a line up consisting of the best up and coming Grime, Garage and UK Funky artists. The night itself is a launch party for their tenth release and first full length album, ‘Roadman Joel’s Roadman Anthems’, which consists of new tracks from hand-picked producers, plus a few heavy VIPs.

The title itself is named after their apparent inspiration ‘Roadman Joel’, who’s only affiliation with the label so far seems to stem from the label’s attempt to sell him on GumTree. This shows what makes the label stand out from the rest: they’re straight up here to have fun and bring a party, end of.

Ahead of the night, Killjoy and label founder Hank Limit have pre-released their link up with London based Family Tree member M.I.K. The track is an out and out rave banger, perfect for livening up even the deadest dancefloor, mixing M.I.K’s forever brutal style with Tumble Audio’s signature bass driven rudeness. The event is sure to be added to the list of massive nights from a crew that never fails to outdo itself: expect anything from funky house to tracks so filthy you can’t help but smile

You can find the information about the event here


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