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Event: Shabazz The Disciple [Wu-Tang], Cyrus Malachi [Triple Darkness] + Jon Phonic Wed 31 Oct @ Brixton Jamm



Shabazz will be playing his first UK show on Wed 31st October @ Brixton Jamm with support from Jon Phonic, Cyrus Malachi, Dat Kid [Split Prophets] & Baileys Brown. Shabazz The Disciple was given his first break back in 1993 buy the RZA, when he chose to include him on the legendary Gravegiddaz debut single ‘Diary of a Madman’.

The track was groundbreaking and Shabazz’s verse was a highlight. It’s impact led to him releasing his first single on Penalty Records “Death Be The Penalty” which was easily one of the biggest Wu affiliated records ever.. DJ Premier said of the record – ”Crime Saga is my shit!!! Shouldn’t be no Less than gold for you”!

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