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Event Review: Princess Nokia @ XOYO, London Nov 10th

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Electric Brixton – 10th November – Princess Nokia – Five Stars

There was no soup or punches thrown, but Princess Nokia’s latest sold out London show was enthralling, evocative and ensures her rightful passage into rap royalty. 

The Brooklyn raised Afro-Latina continuously gains attention for her bodacious public views on the rights of minorities and females but surprised fans by taking time out of her show to talk about the danger of gentrification to the small and under represented Latin community in Seven Sisters, North London.

princess nokia, london, gig, xoyo

Fans/Campaigners of the Save Latina campaign  contacted her through social media and outside Electric Brixton thus she agreed to raise awareness at her show. Though they never expected a 3 minute speech on the issue.

“I am an Afro-Latina woman, if you want to respect me, then respect the real Latino community that is existing here. Educate yourself, understand that this is a population that needs a voice, that is underrepresented, that needs more knowledge, and needs more support.”

Nokia performed her entire release from earlier this year, the album 1992; ‘”that’s right folks we gon’ do the whole album”. Devoting time to tell her fans how much she adored them, she ended up giving them a full-on show in return.

princess nokia, gig, xoyo

When she started; Her Highness bounced onto stage, beaming with bravado for the opener Tomboy. If you didn’t know, that girl in combat pants and the mic, is a proud tomboy. She loves her “Little Titties” and her “Fat Belly” and stomps out the misogynistic portrayal of women in the media with powerful raps.

Her music is the antidote to the lyrical toxin that is Iggy Azalea.

Just as she started to get going, Her Majesty announced some rules, after all, it was her show.

RULE 1:  “This is a female friendly orientated space”

At a previous gig for a Cambridge University Fashion Show, she punched a man for supposedly disrespecting women.

RULE 2:“It’s not by how you were born it’s how you identify

A noteworthy phrase of support for those who feel marginalised by society in her fanbase , of which there are many. Her music has always caught attention from people ahead of the wave of trend or those that despise pop culture entirely, emphasised in track Goth. This track reminded me of Earl Sweatshirt plus a coffee and 2 shots of Tequila.

Princess Nokia doesn’t pathetically attempt to attach herself to issues of identity and sexuality like some celebrities have been known to do. You can hear and see the conviction in her eyes, as a female from Brooklyn, that she truly does stand for what she says.

And she really can rap, deep the track Green Line, there is no need for evidence other than music.

princess nokia, gig, xoyo

The supportive acts of the night included Radar Radio’s Pxssy Palace and J-Pop-infused Kero Kero Bonito. Both are flames of female ferocity and forces to be reckoned with in male-dominated industry. Pxssy Palace had a London sound, Kero Kero however inserted a coin into the slot and plunged the crowd into a Japanese 64-bit Disco game.

She also loves to sing a little bit of Lana Del Rey, even though ‘singing is not her craft.’ She’s just having a real time on stage, protesting and performing not just her music but herself, who she is and what she stands for, that is why her fans sell out her shows.

Sign the petition to help save Latino Village, Seven Sisters or donate to the crowdfunder for more immediate affect