Event Review: Boxed @ The Boiler Room, London

In Grime by Nick Russell

Event Review: Boxed @ The Boiler Room, London

Being hailed as the future of grime, the London Boxed All-Star crew took over Boiler Room for a monumental B2B2B2B2B session!

Spanning three hours, the night saw Mumdance, Dark0, Dullah Beatz, JT the Goon, Logos, My Mitch, Murlo, Oil Gang, Slackk, and Spooky take to the decks, exhibiting the latest sounds from this forward-thinking collective.

Following from the success of Kahn & Neek in revitalising the instrumental grime scene. The crew take the sound further with a host of massive originals and classic remixes. Having half an hour on the controls each, the three hours were almost exclusively filled with releases and new tracks from the label. With each DJ making the most of the opportunity to show off their signature sound.

Below is an exclusive look at Boiler Room from the inside, showing Murlo’s remix of Rebound X’s grime classic ‘Rhythm & Gash’. Despite the Boiler Room crowd being famed for their lack of dancing at these events, the track gets an enormous reaction. Showing why its worth keeping an eye on these guys, who are bringing something fresh to the scene, and look set to continue to do so.

Check this clip taken of the night, from my instagram feed and watch the whole thing below!!

Boxed All-Stars Boiler Room London DJ Set by brtvofficial