Event: Addison Groove vs Headhunter, Kahn, Plastician at Fire, London

In Grime by Nick Russell

Event: Addison Groove vs Headhunter, Kahn, Plastician at Fire, London

Episodes are running the first of their new nights at Fire London which pits DJs against their alter egos. The event takes place on Friday October 10th, lasting from 10pm until 6am. For any grime heads, this presents a unique opportunity to see three of the best DJs and producers in grime mixing up their sets in a VS. format in two extended sets.

Legendary grime producer and DJ Plastician will be playing against his previous alias Plasticman in a set that will pit his old school minimal instrumental grime against his current ‘future’ sound. Having been a pioneering figure in the establishment of grime and Rinse FM, nowadays he manages his label Terrorhythm which creates unique, innovative tracks, merging grime, trap and an essence all its own. 

As if this unique set up wasn’t enough, the current masters of grime Kahn & Neek will be duking it out with each other in a set that could get dangerously out of hand. Despite making many modern classic grime tracks together, Kahn is prolific in producing independently, releasing tempo-spanning works that will raise the levels even high. On top of all this, the pair also produce powerful dubstep under the name ‘Gorgon Sound’, presenting the chance for a massive number of genres and styles to be thrown into the mix. 

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