EP: Rageouz x Preachersoul- Back 2 Da Future

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EP: Rageouz x Preachersoul- Back 2 Da Future

With a name like Back 2 Da Future this is an EP that might bring up thoughts of travelling to the past and just from the title you’d be right.

With Shan J on hand to weave together boom bap percussion and jazzy instrumentation. This new release is a relaxed soulful summer vibe that could have come straight from the 90’s. The vocal force behind the EP comes as a joint effort between two London artists- rapper Rageouz and singer/songwriter Preachersoul.

Preachersoul fits perfectly with the soul influenced beats fading smoothly in and out on the tracks with crooning verses. Serving as his foil Raegeouz provides an ideal counterbalance with his energetic delivery and distinctive accent punctuating the soul elements of each track, particularly on the more upbeat tracks such as Onefif Party. Together the two have clearly found a merging of styles that works well and it will be interesting to see where they take this next in their collaborative work. In the meantime though enjoy the EP via Soundcloud.