EP: Denaun Porter- Connect

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EP: Denaun Porter- Connect

An unexpected new EP from D12’s Denaun Porter the four track Connect is short but makes a big impression. Opening with the bass heavy, attention grabbing S.S.D.P MR. Porter kicks things off with a powerful but smooth flowing start. The production variety of the EP is shown in the next track All 4 which sets a totally different tempo with jazzy instrumentation courtesy of Keyon Harrold allowing Mr. Porter to explore his vocalist side on this slower jam.

Connect is certainly an EP where we see all sides of Mr. Porter’s music though with the smooth flowing bars he’s known for back in evidence on God Bless which also assembles Marv and Royce Da 5′ 9″ to join in trading verses over the hauntingly mellow instrumental. Things get further shaken up though on final track Pray for Me which explodes into action with head nodding bass and punchy, weighty lyrics mixed in with a range of vocal samples. Connect might be only four tracks but it certainly packs in a huge amount serving as a tour de force of all Denaun’s influences with a totally different vibe on every track, or as he puts it himself: “its only four songs but its four different versions of me.”