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Review: Confucius MC & Mr Brown – The Artform [+ Stream EP and videos]

In Hip Hop by Brian Hildebrand

New Confucius MC and Mr Brown EP

Check out the new Confucius MC and Mr Brown EP! In the modern era of hip hop we are in today, some people are becoming increasingly skeptical about the direction the genre is taking. Many state that hip hop is losing what it
is fundamentally all about and what really epitomises what people fell in love with back in the golden era from the late 70s to early 90’s. The whole culture of hip hop and a respect and passion for lyricism and songwriting…. And this is what Confucius MC and Mr Brown’s project encapsulates so perfectly – starting with the title and the main theme of the EP, “The Artform”, referring to hip hop itself being a form of art.

Confucius MC brings a Wu Tang feel to the album with his delivery and presence complimented by Mr Brown’s attention to detail in his production, opening
the entire EP by sampling an extract from the movie “Lust For Life” in the track “Artiste”, an inspirational quote from famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, an influential figure to the message of this project.

This sort of detail and immersion makes one wonder how two such talented artists have not managed to get a proper break in the music industry yet, and with this new project, this should finally be the break they deserve. This is a highly recommended project to check this out, especially as someone who misses the rawness and authenticity of the old school hip hop sound. Check out the stream of the project here –

Check out the project below! / @confuciusmc /

Stream and buy via Bandcamp: THE ARTFORM by Confucius MC & Mr Brown

Stream the project here –