East London’s Jeshi drops some hard truths with ‘Hit By A Train’.

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Newham, East London born rapper Jeshi drops his latest single ‘Hit By A Train’. Receiving support from The Fader, Wonderland and Clash Magazine, the MC secures a well-deserved spot in his newly found limelight.

Jeshi reveals a lot about his emotions in this track with an abundance of imagery. The rapper underlines the essence of struggle by magnifying the constant train of hardship and bad luck that he endures daily.

The lack of motivation and the deterioration of inspiration are common themes that come to mind when you listen to his latest track. The collection of metaphors fused with such direct language unveil his versatility as both a clear storyteller and a creative artist, his lyrics are an example of this. “Cobwebs on my brain” and “silver spoon got rust” are lyrics that speak volumes on issues surrounding stagnation and bad habits. Jeshi paints the picture of the job-seeking street culture that endures repetitive hard-luck as both humble and humiliating.

Hit By A Train hits us all with a train of thoughts with a great deal of reflection.