E.P: They Say Jump – Lift Your Mood

In Other by Katie Allen

E.P: They Say Jump – Lift Your Mood

They Say Jump are an electrifying latin and reggae collective, who combine these genres with so much energy yet so effortlessly. Their E.P “Lift Your Mood” has elevated vocals mixed with bittersweet dub riddims. And dare I say synesthesia-like elements, which definitely alleviate your mind! The brass section is timed to perfection, and transports you as if in South America soaking up the atmosphere.

The EP’s opening track ‘Can’t Chase Me’ featuring Horseman sets the pace and without fail would get you raving.

Then the self-titled ‘Lift Your Mood’ has an uplifting vibe with a pumping carnival beat and soca feel, also a smattering of other instruments and digital/synth sound effects- plus banging dirty bass lines!

‘Twilight’ slows down and has without doubt heartbreaking lyrics with simplicity, that everyone can relate to at some point. ‘Reggae Music’ does exactly what it says on the tin, a wavy combo of neo-reggae and Cuban salsa rhythms. Lastly ‘Surrender’ finishes on a high, and is the ultimate anthem of the whole E.P!

theysayjump.com/ // facebook.com/TheySayJumpMusi