dust junky

Dust Junkys are back with brand new track ‘Vehicle For Your Love’. 

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Veteran hip hop collective Dust Junkys was formed by Manchester-based MC Tunes in 1995 with guitarist Sam Brox, bassist Stephen “OJ” Oliver Jones, drummer Mykey Wilson and Ganiyu Pierre Gasper on turntables. Having fronted the electronic group 808 State, whose work has reached the UK Singles and Albums Charts and gained a worldwide fanbase, MC Tunes is well versed in the music game. Over the years, Dust Junkys have built an established following with their British hip hop and rock sound. Previous Top 40 hits like ‘What Time Is It?’ and ‘The Only Rhyme that Bites’ have also been remixed by the likes of Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Fatboy Slim.

This time the group brings us a hip hop/ funk rendition of the 1972 track by the Ides of March. The song is not just a great way to start the day, but also the perfect peek into the band’s next project ‘Reparation EP 3‘. The new single sees MC Tunes at his heights and with his first ever cover version, opening up with a riff filled, sparkling effervescent take “Vehicle” which sees our man’s lyrical prowess allied to a funk filled hip hop cut that will move dance floors with its adaptation of the classic 1972 track.

MC Tunes and his Dust Junky Collective have spent the last six years cultivating and releasing independent, experimental music and videos with Sam Brox, Vince Vega & Tony Rigg with “Reparation” the 3rd of a 5 EP project. MC Tunes and Dust Junkys many previous Top 40 hits include “Tunes Splits The Atom”, “Primary Rhyming”, and “None Stop Operation”.

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