Interview: Double S talks new EP, grimes progression + more!

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Interview: Double S talks new EP, grimes progression + more!

Anyone that’s seen #Farda on twitter will know which grime MC has posted the tweet, Double S is a well respected name in grime music. Ever since his 2008 debut record, the Tottenham grime MC has come out with banger after banger and following his split from Marvell, he is set to drop a brand new EP, with a Mistajam premiere on 1xtra!

He sat down with Oli Elliot Fox to talk grime’s resurgence, the changes he’s seen over the years and more!

So Double S, tell me about your new release, and what fans can expect from it.

The new release is called the Flow Farda EP. Obviously everyone knows me from grime, and I call myself the Flow Farda because I think I’ve got a sick flow, so the fans can just expect flows on it. Me going in on every single song. Every track’s got flows for you, whether its slowed down or its fast, that’s what you’re gonna get.  


When it comes to flow, which many people have come to associate you with, which new guys are hitting the levels required to go toe to toe with Double S?


You know who I really like at the moment? Scrufizzer. But with me and Scru, we’ve known each other for ages. Even when I first came in the scene, when I was like eighteen, he was coming to the Logan Sama sets. We had a Birthdays set and me and him killed it! I definitely think Scrufizzer’s cold. Everyone else, the Ghetts and the Kanos, I looked up to them when I was coming up.


Who is involved on this project in terms of producers and feature artists?


The producers that I’ve got on it, obviously Heavytrackerz, me and them have been working together for ages, they’ve even done a few Marvel projects as well. I’ve also got a new producer called Gifted the Great, he’s crazy. When you lot hear him he’s really gonna do a lot of stuff. Nana Rogues, obviously me and him we go way back anyway, like four/five years now, and also there’s a producer called FT Universe: dope.

What’s your view on the reasons behind the massive resurgence of grime music over past 12 months?


I love it. I kinda feel like everyone’s got their time; new people were always gonna come and old people were always gonna come back. But at the end of the day, we all play a part in the scene. I don’t think anyone’s better than anyone, whether you’re getting better views or whatever, everyone plays a specific part in this one thing. So I love where it’s going, I hope it gets bigger and we all progress and become millionaires!


What’s the biggest aspect of grime that has changed in your point of view, since you started out in the scene?


I feel like before, the scene wasn’t embraced in the mainstream, or even around the world. Whereas now, and the internet helps a lot, you could put a song out today and if its dope and it’s a banger, you’ll be in the game. Its just about being consistent after that.

But I’ve seen the progression, and being a part of it, at the end of the day we’re like the babies of it. So it’s just seeing it grow and respecting the genre. Its practically a culture, like Skepta would say “it’s our religion”. I just love it. I love to see the growth, people coming in and respecting the game, and I wish it to be an ongoing success.

You can check out ‘The Flow Farda EP’ from Double S which is a 5 track release out on June 15 via iTunes. // @doublesmusician