Double S Get Paid cover art

Video: Double S Ft. Wiley & Dr. Ofori – Get Paid

In Grime by Wesley Semper

New music video from Double S

Double S, Wiley and Dr. Ofori – its all about the mula on this one featuring grimes very own Godfather. The video is a mash up of “S” getting an earful from his proud African father. While played by new rising star in the urban comedy scene and man of many impressions Micheal Dapaah/Dr Ofori continually has to tell his son who seems to spend most of his day sleeping to get up and go make some money. I’m sure we can all relate to this no matter what ethnicity or skin colour, money is the motive is this modern age and without it life can prove very difficult.

Check the interview and free style when he was on our show, below.