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Dope songs found online – week ending 25 April

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Here’s our fresh batch of tracks, ranging to a nice mix of genres from across genres, nations and styles! All these tracks we’re digging so take a listen, and if you want to submit your own to us, hit us up here.

Chloe Castro – Drunk

The UK songstress brings a feisty and fun attitude on this, with some very cool energy and strong production.

Lil Cuzn  – Who’s Next

Tight bars, backed up with a solid flow pattern and nice delivery. dope hook and tho the beat wasnt great it still had a good vibe to it.

DAVID VIERCE feat. Curtisay – Shake (Badambadambam)

great dancehall party vibe on this, nice beat and fun vocals – definitely something to get the next bashment rave energy up, and perhaps something you’ll hear at Carnivals across Europe!

Loko Luca – Misfit

The American artist delivers this pretty unique sounding song, with an interesting approach to the vocals which worked particularly well with the dark production.

Cassie Marin – SAY

Miami singer Cassie has a great voice, with a very delicate tone and nice smooth and calming style. The production worked well with it too which improved the song overall.



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