DJ Roesh talks cultural impact of Unity Radio on Manchester

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DJ Roesh talks cultural impact of Unity Radio on Manchester

New DJ Roesh interview

1.   What cultural impact do you think Unity Radio has had on the city of Manchester?

Unity Radio has bought the sound to the city and touched on musical cultures you will not here on mainstream radio. Unity play anything from underground drum n bass to tech house to commercial chart music, it covers all genres. It has had an amazing impact on the city of Manchester and has caught attention from artists and industry professionals from all over the world.

2.     How did you first get on board with Unity?

I was working on another Manchester Radio station prior to getting involved with Unity radio. I already knew some DJ’s & presenters, either having worked with them previously or generally through the music industry, so I got in touch with management and arranged a meeting. From there I pre-recorded a pilot show and now I have my very own live show! I am so grateful for the opportunity and now you can catch me every Sunday between 3-5PM bringing the best in all urban music and presenting the official TenLetter PR Chart.

3.     Would you say radio is any less relevant nowadays considering the internet’s ability to reach people?

No way! It is even more relevant nowadays with so many radio stations being online! It so much easier to tune in, you can be on your phone whilst being able to use social media, play a game and still listen to radio (Unity radio of course, lol).

4.     What is the best memory you have from your time on the station?

There’s been quite a few including when KRS ONE came down and I interviewed him but it has to be when I Interviewed Kid Ink live on my show.

Kid Ink was blowing up at the time – the girls love him, the guys bump his tunes and it felt so good to know that I, along with the Unity Team, were meeting and greeting a worldwide superstar at Unity Radio HQ and knowing that I was the one interviewing him made the whole experience even better. That was definitely a Big Team Effort.

5.     How would you say Unity is adapting to making it future proof?

Quite a lot of things are happening at Unity to maintain its future proof.  Unity Radio is definitely all about the future. First of all I would say the NGY show on a Thursday between 7-9pm. Unity have worked with many young people across Manchester to deliver a show spreading good vibes and positivity along with providing a cool and respected community voice to tackle issues in our youth community which need addressing. Some of which the local authority can’t get a handle on, such as gang crime, sexual health ( Any Plans Tonight) and now more recently, child sexual exploitation.

Another important project has been working with young people kicked out of school or young offenders, which I was heavily involved in. The project aim is to give them an insight into radio as well as teaching them basic DJ skills, editing, creating jingles/drops, show planning and delivering a 20 minute radio show.

Catch DJ Roesh Sundays 3-5 PM on Unity Radio http://www.unityradio.fm/