Devlin – No Place Like Home featuring Potter Payper. 

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Legendary Dagenham born rapper Devlin released his single No Place Like Home as part of his highly anticipated album Eyes For The Blind

The album arrived as an honest and vulnerable piece, covering issues of misguidance and ignorance amongst society from Devlin’s perspective.

Since 2010 Devlin has been an iconic urban storyteller, and No Place Like Home is no exception. Featuring Potter Payper, it’s great to hear the vulnerable and melancholic approach they took with this track. With a progressive and orchestral beat, speckled with rain clouds and thunder, No Place like home is reminiscent from root to tip. 

The track highlights the idea of how time escapes him, and no matter how far from the regular life one can be, nothing hits quite as home does. Devlin talks about his fight with constant flashbacks and dissatisfaction with a delicate reflection between love, loss and misdirection – an emotive outcome least expected from the most urban of all British rappers.

No Place Like Home is a humble, heartfelt and hitting aesthetic from two of the rawest and most rebellious rappers on one of the most anticipated albums of 2022.