Cypress Hill 2 be sued for $29m for 13 year old interlude

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The heading says it all. Syl Johnson; daddy of that fly by night girl that re-sang lauryn hill’s sample on All Falls Down by Kanye West? Yea! SylEENA Johnson! Anyway, he’s decided to throw a lawsuit upon the Cypress Hill, remember them? yea, that legendary group lying consistently dormant amongst the scene for the last decade, for $29m (dudes in his late 70s but still has his hustle on).

The lawsuit comes from an interlude on Black Sunday (which is an ALL TIME classic; #1 on billboard chart) dating back from 1993. If you want to read an interview with the man responsible, DJ Muggs (legendary producer also behind the boards on House of Pain’s Jump Around) click here.
It’s over this track below, superbly sampled on ‘Hollow Bones’ by the Wu. Make sure you check this track as it reflects true life in the past and makes Obama’s (hopeful) election the more worthwhile.