Cursa – Egg Cup/Gamma – Warthog

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Cursa – Egg Cup/Gamma – Warthog

More powerful manoeuvres from down under, with Melbourne label Plasma Audio expelling its fifth single courtesy of London duo Cursa and Hungarian producer Gamma. Cursa are self-confessed d&b heads – as per this interview – . Tim Ogilvie and Kit Maloney just might have a couple of Calyx and Teebee records in their collection. They pay homage to them on this Noisia-supported release, while Mark Gulacsi gets gritty on the flip.

Cursa’s ‘Egg Cup’ goes deep, brooding and snarling but keeping things reigned in enough to have a pent-up power which sounds even more energetic for its comparative subtlety.

Gamma’s ‘Warthog’ is not pretty but it’s damn it’s effective, a torn-up bassline ripping through the basscone on a weapon of a track all the more damaging for its swung feel; expansive sound design keeps things interesting and brings some light to the shade.

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