Culture Shock – City Lights feat. Bryn Christopher

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Culture Shock – City Lights feat. Bryn Christopher

Culture Shock – RAM Records are currently positioned as market leaders in at least two different strands of drum & bass – the punishing yet accessible synth-twisting carnage of the likes of Audio, and the vocal led up lifters which have allowed Sub Focus and Wilkinson to add the string of mainstream success to their already outrageously high-spec bows. Both camps are firmly rooted in the underground but are increasingly acting as gateway artists for those just discovering life at 170bpm, and the latest to step out along the latter path is Culture Shock with the vocal mix of ‘City Lights’, featuring Bryn Christopher.


The instrumental version has been doing the rounds for months now, and the tune described by Andy C as “one of the most in demand tracks I’ve ever played” has been cropping up in various forms in the RAM boss’ sets since as far back as 2009.

Carefree synths soar through lush textures with a satisfyingly crunchy bass line taking care of low-end business on track bursting with warmth, exuberance and momentum – it’s small wonder that it proved so outrageously popular amongst lovers of the hands-aloft end of the drum & bass spectrum in its instrumental incarnation.

Bryn Christopher’s vocals take the cut to the next level, rivalling some of the vocal output from Netsky and Fred V & Grafix on Hospital Records but with the gigantic sounds which catapulted Sub Focus and Wilkinson into the public eye. And just like tracks from these RAM veterans, ‘City Lights’ is a joint release via Virgin Records so keep your ear on your radio for more from Culture Shock – this might be the record which takes him from underground plaudits to global recognition.

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