Chorux – Polaris EP

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Chorux – Polaris EP

Warm Communications have been delivering heat like a stream of magma lately, putting out records from the likes of HLZ, Need For Mirrors and Mako, and are cranking things up again on the Polaris EP from Chorux. The digital-only EP is the native San Diegan’s debut release, and he has repaid tenfold the faith bestowed in him by the prolific Texan label, delivering four beautiful cuts of ambitiously cinematic drum & bass which still packs a sting in the tail.


‘Don’t Even Know’ is a prime slice of deep and liquid-flecked drum & bass. Ruled by sub frequencies, there is enough space in the clean-cut mix to park a double-decker bus as understated drums roll beneath a melancholy vocal sample and delicately-poised piano chords haunted by the ghost of a lightning-strike bass. But it is how sparingly these elements are used which gives the track its power, acting as accents to the guttering bassline to sculpt a thing of 170 beauty.

‘Polaris’ stays low but kicks a little harder, with a rasping bassline throwing up some grit and bleeping top-end arpeggios and aggressively-filtered noise keeping things wide. ‘It’s All Happening’ mixes the best of both worlds, plumbing the depths with one hand and restraining a growling bass with the other – again, it’s the sounds left unheard which set this apart, widescreen but not minimal.

‘Away From The Light’ steps slightly away from the expanses explored elsewhere, as fidgeting top-end tech and a little more thump in the low end bring the walls in for a claustrophobic end to a resounding mission statement from the Californian producer.

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