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Chali 2na releases 2020 redux of politically charged ‘Controlled Coincidence’

In Blatantly Blunt Blog - Music, Hip Hop by Harry Martin

Jurassic 5 founding member Chali 2na returns with a newly refreshed version of his 2009 track, “Controlled Coincidence.” Hailing from the baritone icon’s seminal debut LP, Fish Outta Water, this re-release is the first of four classic tracks to receive a 2020 redux!

Equipped with the memorable riff which people remember from the original, this edition transforms the hip-hop production into a kaleidoscopic cinema of world influences. Featuring an additional outro, the high powered single finds the J5 veteran and Kanetic Source (of Ozomatli) unite in some dope politically-charged verses, exploring classism, violence and inequality!

It’s amazing how Charlie 2na always keeps his delivery fresh and exciting – the way he handled this track just proved his longevity is staying put and the beat really stood out too… solid track, salute to a living legend!

Stream via Soundcloud and Spotify and check out the visual here!