Carribean born AnsOne releases spiritually guided album ‘Remains Rise In’

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

‘Remains Rise In’ is the brand new 13 track album from the Caribbean-born artist AnsOne, whose name means ‘Alienated One’. The project was written to document his own journey of spiritual healing, and with a unique sound which is not possible to label under just one genre, this album is a statement from the Rotterdam based artist, who is declaring his readiness to progress and step forward in life!

This 13-track album is symbolic of AnsOne manifesting inner upgrade and mental evolution. ‘Remains Rise In’ sees AnsOne teaming up with long time collaborator and beats maker Haile Recommended from Hawaii. The bond between these two creatives is so strong that they did not speak during the process, allowing the music to do the communicating.

AnsOne who has been writing music since the age of 13 first tried to deliver his message at open mics that he attended over a number of years… however he was often met with disappointment when people didn’t fully understand his vibe, but he caught a break in 2018 after being given an opportunity by Mister Personal, founder of East Garden Music. With his support, AnsOne teamed up with veteran music producer by the name Joe Baston aka The Dub Philosopher to create their first single ‘ZionItopia’. He has gone on to release a steady stream of singles and an EP, growing his fanbase across the globe.

AnsOne is more than just an artist, for years, he has studied, for example, religion, philosophy, economy, and diet. Although the message that AnsOne proclaims is one that not everyone is waiting for, the world needs more AnsOne’s.

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