Camden Crawl 2014 Interviews: #3 Raheem Bakare

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Camden Crawl 2014 Interviews: #3 Raheem Bakare

This is the third of our four interviews from this year’s Camden Crawl festival – we are following up the in depth festival review of the some of the best shows of the music marathon, with four artist interviews who we are tipping for success –

Raheem Bakare is a promising young artist from South East London, who wowed the crowd at the Camden Crawl festival after an accomplished performance, playing before Ghetts’ slot at The Monarch on the Friday night. We managed to catch up with him for an interview after his set – here’s what he had to say.

Who is Raheem Bakare ?

“Raheem is a simpleton from South East London” he jokes before going to explain he is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and musician who has been ‘born of music’ and he, as an artist has, “grown out of hard work”.

Judging from his performance its hard to argue with his self assessment after hearing a soulful rendition of Frank Ocean’s ‘We all Try’as well as ‘Wake Up Call’ a track from his debut EP AWOL.

What is your earliest musical performance memory?

Performing Bugsy Malone in my primary school play. The memory sticks out because it was the first time I got to do my own little solo and just get out on stage and perform.’

Who do you consider your influences in terms of style and sound? 

I would definitely consider the likes of Musiq Soulchild, D’angelo and Frank Ocean as BIG influences for me with regards to style. Sound wise I draw inspiration from all genres of music.

Which current underground artist would you tip for stardom? 

I tip Adian Coker for huge success because he is a self-proficient artist that produces, raps and even sings on his records.


What are your thoughts on the current UK RnB scene?

I like strong vocalists like Joel Compass, Jacob Banks and Tanika. I feel like there is no UK RnB scene at the moment.

Where do u see yourself going next and do you see yourself filling the gap in the UK market?

I’ve never intended to fit in as a part of anything really. I just wanted to make music and stand out from everyone else in the market.

Download Raheem’s new EP Awol here