Camden Crawl 2014 Interviews: #1 – Mickey Lightfoot

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Camden Crawl 2014 Interviews: #1 – Mickey Lightfoot

As part of our coverage of this year’s Camden Crawl music festival we are following up the in depth festival review of our favourite shows over the Friday and Saturday music marathon, with four interviews with artists we are tipping for success –

The first of these is with Mickey Lightfoot (real name Osei Amponsa) who is a London born and raised rapper and producer who has been putting out music since 2012, and has a unique style – both musically and visually. He has recently been touring Europe and has video he put out recently with Darq E Freaker called ‘L.O.S.T’.

BlatantlyBlunt: Describe your sound in one sentence.

Mickey Lightfoot: A big, fat African woman who is progressive and alternative. 

There have been a lot of journalists who try to label your sound with terms such as ‘post grime’, ‘future bass’ etc. Does this bother you?

We don’t care about the labels, you’re gona get put into some sort of box any way – the music is not made to tick a box – it just so happens those are the influences.

How did the Darq E Freaker collaboration happen?

I guess we got lucky as we are friends so it was a lot easier to work with him and there were no difficulties. Once we had made the track we then approached him to contribute the vocals, which he added the last verse to – not a lot of  people give him credit for rapping abilities!

Who are your visual style inspirations?

I’ve grown up around sartorialists – my mum used to work for Vivienne Westwood and a lot of family worked in the fashion industry, so I’ve always had a keen eye on that side of things. When we were younger we didn’t have much dough around but my family were always determined to make sure we didn’t look trampy, so I that has always been a factor in determining my appearance. Andre 3000 is a big icon of mine too.  

Tell us something we didn’t know about Mickey Lightfoot

I got my name Mickey Lightfoot from an old guy I was speaking to at a train station, during a time when I was looking to quit music and i met a guy of that name who inspired me to keep at it.

Have you got plans to bring international sounds in to your music?

I think the Ghanaian sound is already there so I don’t have to be very blatant about making it show but the bolivian sound is something which we want to incorporate also 

How has your recent tour schedule looked?

We have toured across Germany, Greece and Holland – this is the last day of the tour following Field Day, which we were brought on by Redbull.

Any tips for up and comers?

Dont do music!! Unless you truly love it… If you are good at other stuff go for that, as you have to really focus 100% on the music to make it happen.