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Calyx and Teebee – Long Gone / Sawn Off

Calyx and Teebee – Long Gone / Sawn Off

Like London buses in the pissing rain, we had been desperately waiting for something new from drum & bass powerhouses Calyx and Teebee, and now two have come along almost at the same time. Forming a double-attack with ‘A Day That Never Comes’ / ‘Snakes and Ladders’ which dropped earlier this year on RAM Records, and which we reviewed here, their latest release is ‘Long Gone’ / ‘Sawn Off’, and it’s another treat.

Long Gone / Sawn Off

Just like their previous release, there is a definite yin-yang feeling here, with ‘Long Gone’ hauling Calyx back onto vocal duties for a measured (by their standards) roller. The rattling bassline harks back to ‘Pure Gold’ from their All Or Nothing album and sits in harmony with a plucky guitar sample on one of the smoothest cuts to come from their studio in some time.

Flip the record and things get twisted on ‘Sawn Off’, hollow synths barking and cascading over an ocean of grit, precision-laid of course. Rising like a mountain from the speakers, the bassline is punished and tortured but, as ever, remains musically tight. Business as usual for the boys, then, but for some it might be just a little bit safe. But when you’re talking about tracks like this, that’s all relative.

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