Video: C4 ft JME – Go Back

In Grime by Ryan Brown

Video: C4 ft JME – Go Back

Brum artist C4 has announced his new EP, C4RAGE by releasing a brand new single Go Back with JME. With a powerful 2-step garage vibe this new song packed with energy for some serious head nodding. Pulsating bass grooves and soulful catchy melodies will hopefully see Go Back climb the charts. The bar has been set for the C3RAGE EP! Will this ignite a garage rebirth? Verse two stages JME who represents the catchy side of grime.

Launching his career with the infectious single Off Track in 2011, C4 has made a name for himself thanks to his unique sounds, ad-libs and slogans. Certified grime acts have remixed his work and gain recognition from top radio stations and DJs across the country.

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