Para Fiction, Wavey days, brighton

Brighton’s Para Fiction deliver genre fusing ‘Wavey Days’

In Hip Hop by Chris White

Brighton artists Para Fiction have exploded onto the scene and are making waves with their latest release ‘Wavey Days’. The duo, two rappers who go by ‘Jambo Unchained’ and ‘Master Fado’ have a distinctive but hard to define sound that echoes both aggressive hip hop and punk.

With their powerful delivery over a strong guitar riff ‘Wavey Days’ really does have a bit of everything and as it’s only the second track they have released, the future is certainly looking bright. The chaotic energy which underlines the track is mirrored in the video, an old school grungy interpretation of their raw self awareness and infectious attitude.

Remember the name as there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from Para Fiction throughout the rest of the year.