Break Presents: Symmetry Sessions 2

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Break Presents: Symmetry Sessions 2

Symmetry Recordings is the brainchild of Break, and many of its releases seem to acquire a dash of the Bristolian’s breathtaking musical poise and technical magic by osmosis. Newcomer Boston picked it up – read all about that here – but imagine if the gaffer himself curated an EP, with support from some of the drum & bass game’s biggest players.

That’s already happened once, with the appearances of Calibre and DLR on the first dose of Symmetry Sessions, and the second instalment in the series brings Mako, Need For Mirrors and HLZ on board for the main event, and Detail and Against into the frame to round out the full digital EP.

Pick up the vinyl and you’ll find yourself armed with three tracks – a) Break ‘Give It Up’, b1) Mako ‘The Space In Between’ and b2) Break, Need For Mirrors & HLZ ‘Atlas Shrugged’. A drop card is included in the package to bring you three more tracks – scroll down for the full playlist.

Symmetry Sessions 2

‘Give It Up’ starts off light and jazzy with busy drums under soaring vocals, which is typical Break, and when the guttering bass tones come in, well, that’s also typical Break, full of power and precision and some of the best sound design in business.

On ‘The Space In Between’ Mako totally flips the script and takes things much darker with a track based on sledgehammer sub bass hits with just a handful of percussion and effects scattered over the top. The absolute antithesis to the lush Break track which precedes it, this is sparse and heavy-hitting, and just as a break sounds like it’s going somewhere Mako stops it in its tracks and strips things back again and again.

The vinyl is rounded out by ‘Atlas Shrugged’, a weighty collaboration from Break, Need For Mirrors and HLZ who anchor fidgeting, choppy synth action with a clean-cut beat, sculpting a brooding and muscular track.

Cash in your digital download code and be rewarded with the magnificent curveball of ‘You Don’t Know’ which shows the Symmetry boss in totally new light as he delivers a heavyweight dub steppa. It recalls the blissed-out sunshine of early dubstep releases, but the most satisfying thing about it is simply witnessing this new dimension to Break. Is there nothing he can’t do?

Detail and Against turn out a minimal stomper with ‘Probel Man’, on which skittering synth work and undulating arpeggios fill the room while razor sharp stabs drop from the ceiling. Need For Mirrors and HLZ team up for the nightmarish ‘Project Playground’, a syncopated monster boasting a deep bassline with a kick of wonk to it, bumping chaotically into a headspinning exploration of the outer limits of the producers’ already gigantic musical kingdoms – welcome to the nether zone.

The EP is out now – pick it up here.

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