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Boston – Catch Your Breath / For Grace

Boston – Catch Your Breath / For Grace

Boston – Having your music released on the record label established by Break must feel something like having your arrangement carved into stone by Moses. The Symmetry Recordings don used the imprint exclusively for his own work for five years, before releasing tracks from artists like Need For Mirrors, Villem and Calibre – this is a label concerned with only the most meticulously-crafted and impeccably-designed music.

This could be a daunting situation for lesser-known names to enter into, but the output from Boston has been up to the mark since day one, when double A-side collaboration with Solis ‘Go With Me’ / ‘The Little Things’ went out. The young Welshman is back with the label’s 20th release and is mining the same seam of textured, organic drum & bass as his boss, to mind-bogglingly effective ends.

On the surface, ‘Catch Your Breath’ is beautiful, as delicate atmospheres and guitar lines intertwine, but dig a bit deeper into the spaced-out basses and you’ll find precisely-filtered grit and subtle crunch. ‘For Grace’ is a pitch-perfect roller, littered with bursts of live instrumentation and nuanced beat developments to deliver a track which continues to evolve, bit by bit, so subtly that you can’t put your finger on how or why you’ve just spent five minutes and 39 seconds captivated by the sounds coming from your speakers. Remind you of the first time you heard Break?

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