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The Blatantly Blunt Show on Pyro w/ Spliff Ranger, Fudz & J-Fresh (Nov 17)

In Grime, Hip Hop by Nick Russell

We had three big guests on our latest Pyro show, as we invited two grime MCs and one big time DJ in the studio. First up was J-Fresh, whose new album Fruit Salad is out. We spoke about that project and more, as well as what he loves about being a DJ!

We also invited Fudz, who was formerly known as Fuda Guy of Ruff Sqwad, one of the most solid grime MCs around! He came in to discuss his some of his best memories in grime and his new song ‘Johnny’.

Last but not least we had an in-depth discussion with Spliff Ranger, the veteran grime MC who is back in a big way with a string of four singles that came out over 2017. Listen back to the show here!