Blatantly Blunt is 7 today!

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Blatantly Blunt is 7 today!

On Christmas Eve 2007, Blatantly Blunt started off as a humble newbie in the game and seven years later we are still humble but with a lot more momentum and a global following. We started off as a hip hop and grime platform, but since then we have developed the offerings such as live events, radio shows, mixtape releases.

Content wise we also cover dancehall and drum and bass, taking on some highly valued writers to bring the best content straight to your screen! We also switched it up by covering more types of media including Meme culture and street art!

Big love to all the visitors, sharers and artists who have submitted their content over the years…

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If you want to get in contact with us to become a contributor, arrange an interview, PR campaign, or just to wish us a happy birthday drop us a line here!

Peace and love, wishing everyone a blatantly blunt 2015!!!