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Blatantly Blunt interview: UK pioneer TY selects his ‘6 Of The Best’ in NEW 2020 Podcast [selects favourite albums & his own music]

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We’re proud to bring you a very special guest for episode one of our new podcast series ‘6 of the Best’. The original format gives artists an opportunity to shine a light on the three pieces of music they loved growing up, as well as selecting three songs of their own. Following the tragic news of his passing on May 7, we felt it was only right to the make the first episode with South London legend TY .

Recorded in late 2019, the pioneer of hip hop in the UK dropped some real gems and gave listeners a ton of insights into his musical legacy. Check out the podcast episode here and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated on our new content coming soon! Check out which 10 songs of Ty’s we selected as his best.