Bensley – Fandango

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Bensley – Fandango

Bensley has come erupting out of Toronto on a wave of nothing at all. The story of the 20-year-old drum & bass producer is a remarkable one, and one well worth a quick recap. Making tunes, like so many, in the downtime between work and education, young Peter Bennett backed himself enough to fire off a demo to RAM Records. So far, so ambitious and not so unusual.

It’s the fact that that demo sent the staff in the RAM office – numbering founder and drum & bass overlord Andy C in their midst – into raptures which sets Bensley apart. It’s the fact that he was signed within a month of his demo dropping onto the RAM stereo. It’s the fact that for a year he honed his talents and built up enough tracks for an entire album, but kept everything offline and under wraps at his label’s request. It’s the fact that without playing a set, a show or any notes to anyone outside of the RAM bubble his debut track ‘Fandango’ was premiered by Zane Lowe on his prime-time Radio 1 show.

And does it live up to this mysterious hype? In a word, yes. It’s an ambitious, layered tune which runs the gamut from stadium-sized hooks to gritty bass and swirling ambiance, all delivered with the panache of a truly accomplished songwriter and sound designer. And the switch-up which comes two thirds of the way through is an artistic flourish to ice the cake. Check out the track here, and brace yourself for Bensley’s album, ‘Next Generation’, which is set to drop in the very near future.