Babibevis drops 15 track afro fusion album HOMEANDABROAD

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

Delivering an international sound which fuses Afro Pop and Electronic R&B, ‘HOMEANDABROAD’ is the brand new album from Italy based artist Babibevis. When listening to the project, it’s evident that his music is universal, with his own authentic sound throughout.  Babibevis put in years of work for ‘HOMEANDABROAD’, and this 15 track album delivers every facet of the creativity that he has to offer. Sublime afro-beats merge effortlessly with pure pop sensibilities to produce one of the feel-good albums of the year!

Musical from the moment of his birth, Babibevis was born to make music. His music delivers warm vibrations to nourish the mind and soul with an Africa sound delivering the energy that binds him to that land, the wild side that emerges from ancestral memories come together in a perfect balance with his sensitive and stylish side. Since his 2017 debut release, Babibevis has blossomed into his creativity, striving for more with each release.