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Audio: Young Mill$- Don’t You Know My Statuz?


Audio: Young Mill$- Don’t You Know My Statuz?

Having stated he wanted to work with “a true MC from NY” Dominican Drew has not gone wrong with latest rising talent Young Mill$. In his latest release Don’t You Know My Statuz the Brooklyn rapper takes us right to the streets both past and present. With numerous nods to many of New York hip hops greatest.

Opening in black and white the piano rolls in as Young Mill$ begins his narration of his musical journey and pays homage to the city. “I’m so old skool yet so futuristic” raps Mill$ and this certainly proves true. With its boom bap drums and scratched vocal samples the beat has a classic New York feel. While lyrically keeping aware of his roots referencing artists from Biggie Smalls to Big Pun. Accompanied by visuals of street signs and murals the real life vibe and integrity is reinforced throughout.

Young Mill$ still puts his own spin on it though and in introducing himself leaves the listener under no doubts as to his status.

Twitter: @youngmills

SoundCloud: mdotdadocta

YouTube: MrMdotDollas

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