Audio: WhoIsParadise (57th Dynasty) – Two4Se7en / 365 (feat. J The Exodus & MCD)

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Dope new single from the exiled Brixtion rapper, MOBO nominee and UK Hip-Hop Award winner WHOISPARADISE (f.k.a. Paradise The Prolific, from early 2000s hip hop collective 57th Dynasty). The British born, New York raised MC (and protege of the late Black Panther Teddy Jah Heath) unleashes an unapologetic jazz-tinged Hip-Hop anthem for the maturest of hip hop listeners.

Always a treat to hear a fresh verse from MC D, a rapper you could be forgiven for not being aware of but undoubtedly laid the blueprint for the UK MCs who tell it like it is today! 


If you’re unfamilar with 57th Dynasty, now’s your chance to be educated! Check this absolute classic track they made with Estelle back in 2002 – ‘Hold Strong