Audio: Lunar C – Smash Things Up

In Grime by Nick Russell

Audio: Lunar C – Smash Things Up

If there is one thing Lunar C can always claim to be, it is controversial. The Bradford born rapper takes his twisted mind out on the streets of Leeds, to simultaneously serenade and infuriate unassuming members of the public while wearing a Hulk mask in the video for his new single ‘Smash Things Up’.

The track itself is set up to give maximum presence to the hilarious mental imagery Lunar C conjures with his aggressively lazy flow and gritty lyrics. This is effectively a rhyming stand up comedy performance layered over a psychedelic patchwork beat by Pete Cannon. I can definitely see why Lunar named his forthcoming EP ‘Not good at Life’. Because while the social skills he displays in this video aren’t the best he is pretty good at what he does.

The ‘Not Good At Life’ EP is scheduled for release December 1st. Lunar is set to drop an album later in 2015 of the back of his tour of Australia supporting none other than the also controversial Hopsin.

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