Audio: Lucid Mover – Jabberwocky Darts

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Audio: Lucid Mover – Jabberwocky Darts

Jabberwocky Darts cover art

UK hip hop fans who are able to cast their mind back to the awesome Skrein track ‘Mind Out‘ on Foreign Beggars’ seminal record ‘Asylum Speakers’ may remember the line “Mid-September, picking shrooms Me, Lambo and Doobs sipping brews”. Well this is the new release from ‘Doobs’ aka Doobie, the Underground Alliance rapper now known as Lucid Mover.

He drops this dope new EP with fellow producer Wytfang who was also an integral Undali member. Jazz inspired banging production and tight, original sounding flow patterns with quirky yet serious lyrics from the London rapper, who was also a part of Screaming Soul.

Check this EP out and watch the accompanying video below…