Audio: Lil B – I’ve got AIDS + ‘BasedGod Velli’ mixtape

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Never had been a real fan of Lil B not officially, until I heard this. The former member of Bay Area group ‘The Pack’ goes in over some sweet production and has a dialogue focussed track about the dangers of the lethal STD. He does it in a non patronising way, warning his (largely teenage/un-aware) audience about liars and superficial deceptions.    
The only other hip hop track dedicated to AIDS I’ve heard is T-Pain – Suicide, an album track from a few years back – not a subject matter most wouldn’t expect of T-Pain but he executed it brilliantly and without any corniness…

LIL B – I Got Aids by Basedbook Level 10

The mixtape is definitely worth a listen also – free flowing rhyming patterns and some great sample based Golden Era ish! King Cotton and Ghetto Dreams are un-skippable just give the rest some patience.