Audio: Lethal Bizzle feat. Wiley – They Got It Wrong [+ Wiley vs Lethal B history]

In Grime by Nick Russell

Once known for their back-and-forth ‘beef’ tracks (which we all kind of knew was nothing more than friendly competition, see below) the two kings of the grime scene link up on this banger that shows it’s all love between two of the most prolific and charismatic names in grime!

Classic clash video of them going at each other – grime in its purest form!

This was a track Wiley made, sending for Bizzle where he uses his ‘Pow’ signal whilst proving why he’s the Godfather of grime!

Here’s Lethal jumping on Kylie Minogue’s track, referencing Wiley’s middle name which is actually Kylea – had to be done right?!

And here’s one more from Will going in on Bizzle over a classic beat he produced –