Review: Slim Thug – Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King [+ album stream link]

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Review: Slim Thug – Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King [+ album stream link]

‘American King’ is Volume 4 of Houston rapper Slim Thug’s ‘Hogg Life’ series and is seen by many as the best work of his 15 year career. Not knowing what to expect from “the boss” I was blown away at how impressive this album is, which has all the elements of being a classic Houston release!

Slim Thug

Instead of the lean sipping street raps of old, we get a mature family man who wants to educate the youngers by spreading a message. It’s such a shame that hip hop like this doesn’t get as much circulation!

The album has a soulful sound with quite a few soul samples used throughout, all whilst having the Texas twist on it. The producers of this album have done an amazing job as sonically this album is beautiful. Each beat has their own strong qualities though don’t over-power Slim Thug’s distinctive voice so that the words he says are front and centre.

However musically there is one track that stands out which is Chuuch ft Nikki Lactson. The gospel feel in this track is captivating. Nikki Lactson’s voice is amazing. The gospel keys on the track are amazing. The motivational lyrics could get anyone pumped up.

The album has two tracks that feature Louisana star Boosie Badazz, who has been on an absolute beast since being released from his jail sentence. Both of these tracks show their maturity as both these tracks are in stark comparison to their music when they were at their commercial peaks.

They Just Wanna Be Heard

Is particularly good for it’s message on issues which are still overlooked in American society. In the end that is what real hip hop is supposed to be covering, real issues being addressed.

The Track Love Letter is probably the best overall track in that it shows the real man behind the Slim Thug brand. A truly introspective look at himself as a father and how he raises his son alone. This track is an insight into a man who accepts his flaws but wants to do more for his sons and wants to raise them right. Especially as a man who grew up without a father. This is proper grown up rap.

Overall this was a truly surprising album by Slim Thug. I honestly have no problem saying this is one of the best hip hop albums of the year so far. It is such a shame it will end up severely underrated. However,  I am happy to have heard it and I will be patiently waiting for volume 5 of the Boss Hogg series. Applause all round for everyone involved in this album!

Get the album, “Hogg Life, Vol. 4: American King”. Out Now, stream and purchase links below!