Audio/download: Focus The Truth – D.U.I [+ mixtape review]

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Check our newest writer Ricardo ENK‘s mixtape review from an up and coming Queens native, London based rapper ‘Focus The Truth’. While you’re reading the review check out the mixtape to stream or download at the bottom! 

Where do I start? I guess I should jump straight in to the first track that caught my eye entitled “Back In The Day”. This track definitely had that feeling with the smooth jazz melodies with your typical lyrical content about lost friendships, ex girlfriends and so forth. The catchy soulful hook sung by Alba is my personal favourite. ‘Brothers’ is a deep track and a possible contender for the best of the E.P interesting production technique and a sample I can’t place my finger on at this moment.

Once again, his lyrical content is on point; this guy is no fake chart topper wannabe. I choose not to listen to this E.P in order but the context is very prominent throughout, ‘Farewell’ is more of a shout out to all the people Focus had to say goodbye to in order to pursue his own path. “M.O.B” (Money Over Bitches), is a funky number with a sweet guitar melody and swinging drums. Obviously, Focus has come across many female relations in his past who have burnt him and this is him burning them back! With a catchy hook, where he sings; “Money over bitches, money over hoes, you only live once, that’s what everybody knows” could be perceived as some sort of “YOLO” anthem although in my opinion not as crass.

“Put my life on these tracks” sums up what Focus is about, “making millions for the whole team”. The thing I really like about this guy has to be his style of production and sampling and use of vocalist’s on his hooks, which does not adhere to the conventional archetype of mainstream hip-hop production at the moment. “Selling Out” is out to all those who love you when you are down but hate you when you have decided to get out of the gutter, “work hard and create more, doing nothing and stay poor”. It is evident Focus is about bettering himself and those people around him but many people do not want to see that. I feel this track is more for those who are in the same position as Focus rather than to those who are opposing his ambition.

Overall this is a really strong E.P – a bit of a grower but sometimes is better not to get that instant gratification, which made me appreciate him as an artist a lot more. Focus has a story to tell and interesting one at that.

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