Audio: Dead Prez – Dead Man’s Shoes

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So Dead Prez look like they’ve still got the fire in their belly to cook up this new afro-centric roots reggae inspired joint which leaked today.  Educating the more discerning fan base of the hip hop community M-1 and Stic Man have released a number of great mixtapes and albums based on Black Panther Socialism (if that exists) combined with a healthy dose of boom bap true-school hip hop.

But like many of the greats, Dead Prez are still yet to out do their CLASSIC debut album ‘Let’s get free’ from 2000 which dropped on Steve Rifkin’s legendary Loud Records. Dead Man’s shoes, as much of an edutaining and ‘roots’ hip hop record this is, unfortunately seems to echo Nas and Damian Marley’s collborative project, Distant Relatives a little too overtly.

Definitely worth the listen tho, good to hear Dead Prez still releasing quality content. Let’s hope that some of the more influential heads in the scene re-introduce these two back to the 2011 hip hop’s main stage.