AUDIO: Coki – Don’t get it twisted EP ft. Blacks

In Grime by Nick Russell

AUDIO: Coki – Don’t get it twisted EP ft. Blacks

DMZ resident and dubstep hero Coki has released his latest EP, ‘Don’t Get It Twisted’, featuring the middle eastern inspired dub instrumental ‘Bedoins’ and and an absolutely monstrous link up ‘Hold on Wait’, with P Money’s even harder partner in grime, Blacks.

The A side ‘Bedoins’ is classic Coki dubstep madness, complete with hypnotic Eastern vocals, twisted horns and enough sub to blow out your speakers.

However, its the B side that really makes this EP worth getting, featuring a Coki remix of Blacks’ enormous ‘Hold on Wait’ that has been floating around for a year, itching for a release. Blacks’ disgustingly brutal flow and rhymes is accompanied by an instrumental hard enough to survive the link up, when most beats would be shown up by the tearing vocals. 

A definite gem for anyone who likes their music so heavy it borders on stupid, grab it now through Banquet Records:

Buy this on Juno here