Audio: Bobby Esmond – It’s not what you know… [album]

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Audio: Bobby Esmond – It’s not what you know… [album]

I’ve known BOBBY ESMOND a while now and the guy doesn’t do things by half so when he told me about ‘It’s not what you know…’ I did know one thing, and that’s that it would be tight.

I wasn’t let down either, Bobby is nice with the beats rhymes and production and there is more than enough diversity on here to keep your ears pricked up. The album switches from classic stomping hip hop on ‘Oh Right Then’ to Dub step heater ‘All that Glitters’.

All the MCs that contribute are sick with it too, Deadline, Assa, Jay Madden and Dr Syntax among others. Bobby also has a couple of female vocalists that add a little something to this project  in the shape of Rebecca Stephens and Mia Wilson, Both these girls can sing so you’ll have Bobby’s hooks stuck in your head in no time. Also stay tuned for the last track ‘listen up closely’ you could warm your patio with that kinda heat. Well worth a download and you can even name your price!