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Ash The Author & Verb T Come With Bars For The Blatantly Blunt Show

In Hip Hop, Interviews by Brian Hildebrand

Some of the dopest lyricists in UK Hip Hop, Ash The Author and Verb T recently came through the Blatantly Blunt show on Pyro Radio and showed off their lyrical prowess. Watch the footage here!



The two MCs took turns to flow over a few different instrumentals and of course they didn’t disappoint!

You can check out the whole show over on the Pyro Radio mixcloud:


Check the tracklist here:

  1. Fusion- For The Crime
  2. Jaykae feat. Murkage Dave- Every Country
  3. LIONESS- Everyting Mad
  4. Flowdan feat. Wiley- Original Raggamuffin
  5. Scropz- Kick In The Door
  6. Deadly feat. P. Money- Gyal Wanna Know
  7. PHRESHER feat. Cardi B- Right Now
  8. A$AP Mob- Bahamas
  9. DJ Supreme feat. Ice T & The Ice Pick- Arctic II
  10. Abhi The Nomad- Mama Bling
  11. Ash The Author- Main Course
  12. Ash The Author- Steal The Show
  13. Cappo feat. Juga- 15-10
  14. Verb-T& Pitch-92- Sugar