Angel Haze – Classick [Mixtape Review] [+ Stream / Download]

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

Angel Haze frankly exposes chilling yet important snippets of her 2 decades lifespan so far. In essence it must have been ultimately very cathartic in doing so, concerning most of the awful and sensitive issues discussed. Femceeing over Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Common and Eminem instrumentals; she packs a massive mighty punch with her six strong track triumph- also surprisingly showing she can actually sing!

A damsel no longer in dismal distress, one song most prominently using the title “Cleaning out my closet” she draws dark parallels with Shady’s version. Here it’s focusing upon the horrendous experiences she suffered as an infant to adolescent. Shocking being an understatement, she continues to deliver an explicit narrative detailing her being raped as a youngster; in which the very nature of her childhood sexual abuse was especially haunting and unsettling. She is immensely courageous bringing to the forefront such raw, personal and heartwrenching subject matter, really explaining what happened and how she felt in graphic detail. This collection is without doubt so therapeutic for Miss Raee’n Wahya …such bittersweetness shines through.